Yesterday (29th November 2017) Wainwright Primary Academy in Mansfield, part of Diverse Academies Learning Partnership, received an important piece of equipment, as they were presented with a defibrillator on loan to meet the specific needs of one of their pupils.

Year 6 pupil Benjamin has recently been diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart which can cause irregular heartbeats, weakness and fatigue, heart failure, and in extreme cases, cardiac arrest. To support Benjamin’s condition, the academy researched the purchase of a defibrillator to be centrally located in case of any emergencies – with costs starting from around £1,000 and budgets not able to stretch to this, the academy had to look to other options. Academy pastoral officer, Mrs Hallam, contacted their local equipment hirer to discuss leasing a machine, and this conversation led to a very generous offer.

Mrs Hallam says; “When I spoke with the manager of the centre and explained why our requirement was so urgent for a defibrillator, he was very understanding. He then spoke with one of his managers at FLG Services, who provide safety equipment to the lifting industry, who has kindly offered to loan us a portable machine until Benjamin leaves us in Summer 2018. We are absolutely delighted by their generosity, and this young boy’s family now have additional peace of mind for the rest of his time at Wainwright.”

Matthew Hood, Regional Operations Manager at FLG Services, said: “We are delighted to have been able to assist Wainwright Academy. As soon as we heard about Benjamin we wanted to help and providing this vital piece of equipment will give him, his parents and his teachers peace of mind.”

The portable defibrillator, which will be located directly outside Benjamin’s classroom, is an important piece of equipment that can deliver a lifesaving shock and provide visual and verbal information about the rate of CPR required. Statistics show that survival rates can increase by up to 74% if CPR and a defibrillator are administered within three minutes of collapse.

Mrs Hallam is pictured receiving the equipment from Dameon Hallam (Tool Hire Express) with Benjamin watching on with his parents.