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Performance across Diverse Academies in 2017/18

Early years

We place a high priority on ensuring the best quality provision for our youngest pupils and this is reflected in the positive progress that our children make in all our foundation stage settings.

Outcomes for the early years are broadly in line with national outcomes, other than at Wainwright Primary – where a significant number of pupils enter the academy at starting points well below that typically for their age and/or with no spoken English.

Key stage 1

We are delighted that three of our five primary academies achieve key stage 1 outcomes in line with or above national scores, with continuing improving outcomes at Samuel Barlow Primary.

As a result of the implementation and development of Read, Write, Inc across the primaries, attainment in phonics is increasing significantly over time, providing secure foundations for further progress in English.

Key stage 2

Three of our five primary academies achieved key stage 2 outcomes at least in line with national outcomes, with a particularly strong performance in maths at Bracken Lane Primary and improving achievement in maths at Wainwright Primary.

There is more to be done, however it is pleasing to note that, where key stage 2 outcomes are below average, significant improvements are evident in early years and key stage 1 in these academies – evidencing the improving trajectory of performance over time.

Key stage 4

As a Trust, we were pleased to see the positive impact of so much hard work being reflected in key stage 4 outcomes. The vast majority of our seven secondary academies have made good progress from the previous year’s outcomes and others have managed to consolidate previous gains. As always, there remains work to do so that all students in all areas can achieve their full academic potential.

We are particularly proud of the performance of Walton Academy who have delivered significantly positive progress scores for all groups of students. The overall progress 8 score of +0.62 placed the academy in the top 5% of schools nationally.

Key stage 5

Diverse Academies has seven secondary academies with post 16 students that are taught at five different locations. Every single academy demonstrated improvements in aspects of post 16 outcomes and it was pleasing to see the positive impact of collaboration and sharing ideas for the benefit of students and staff.

The average grade achieved in academic qualification was very close to the national average or higher in six of the seven academies, and of particular note was East Leake Academy. On average, students at East Leake post 16 achieved a grade B on academic courses and made very positive progress compared to their starting points.

Post 16 provision in Diverse Academies is led by a post 16 expert, who works across the Trust. Our focus is on moving forward the holistic quality of students post 16 experiences at every centre.

For more detail on individual academy outcomes, please visit the academy websites.

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