The Holgate Academy employee, Dave Sharrard, reached a milestone in his career this month as he celebrated 40 years’ service at the academy.

Dave, who is the academy’s site manager, started working at Holgate back in November 1978 as an assistant caretaker – one of his first jobs after leaving school. Over forty years, he has climbed the ranks to become the team leader, and is now responsible for 24 staff, academy health and safety issues and for the running and maintenance of Holgate’s split sites across Nabbs and Hillcrest.

Dave commented that his time at Holgate had gone so quickly that ‘it seemed like yesterday’ since he first walked through the doors of what was then the Holgate School. He recalls: “I always remember the then head teacher Mr Archer exclaiming ‘They’ve sent me a kid – he won’t last a fortnight’. Fast forward 40 years, having worked with so many inspirational colleagues and seeing the different generations of pupils pass through the school I feel proud to be a part of Holgate. Holgate has been a defining part of so many young people’s lives, I’m just glad 40 years ago I was appointed and have been an integral part of it. The rest is history. I am a firm believer in fate – Holgate was my destiny and I certainly have no regrets.”

Academy Principal, Sue Forsey, commented: “Dave is a much admired and well-respected member of the Holgate team. It’s wonderful to celebrate his 40 years’ service with us and to recognise his commitment to the academy and everything he has done for us. Holgate would not be the same place without him.”

Kate Turner, Chair of Governors said: “As chair of governors it is fantastic to see this kind of dedication to our academy. Dave’s hard work keeping our school environment safe and a pleasant place to work is a testament to his dedication to the education of children in Hucknall.”

Throughout his forty years in service, Dave has seen many changes at Holgate but remarks that one thing hasn’t changed: Holgate being “a great place to work with a strong team spirit!”.
Congratulations to Dave and here’s wishing him many more successful years of service.