On the 20 March, the Diverse Academies’ head office team were once again joined by a number of pupils, this time from Bracken Lane Primary Academy. The group came to see their display of work, which was recently installed in the trust CEO’s office in the Diverse Education Centre, Retford.

The children came from a range of classes within Bracken Lane and were invited to spend the morning at the centre by CEO Chris Pickering. “The pupils were a delight to meet. They listened intently when I spoke to them about a range of topics and had some very thoughtful questions about how schools work. They should be very proud of themselves and the high standard of work they have produced.”

During the course of the morning, the children had the opportunity to find out more about the role of a CEO and how a number of other members of staff work to support their teachers in the classroom. The children were keen to understand more about how they are kept safe online when using IT equipment in school, and also talked about the importance of understanding their academy ‘golden values’.

Mr Pickering added: “The children also told me about what they’d like to be when they are older. There was a definite sporting theme amongst many of them, including aspirations to be a footballer, a dancer and a boxer! I look forward to seeing them continue their sporting journey with us into secondary school.”

The visit ended with a tour of the trust headquarters and a photo opportunity as the students saw their work in-situ. Thank you to the staff and pupils from Bracken Lane for joining us – we hope you found it interesting and enjoyed seeing your work proudly displayed.