Review: the Diverse Academies CEO blog

February 2018

Diverse Academies are in the top 10 best performing medium to large MATs
I write as our spring term has begun with the usual, fantastic levels of professional energy and commitment across our academies. Thank you to you all for such a promising beginning to 2018.
Last week saw the publication of the DfE school and MAT performance league tables – accompanied by the annual media frenzy over relative school and academy performance. In amongst the ‘noise’ was some wonderful news for everyone in our Diverse Academies family. 
With a ‘significantly above average’ Progress 8 score of 0.1 across our secondary academies (those in the trust for 3+ years), we are ranked 10th in the country’s medium to large sized MATs (those with 4 or more academies). This figure does not include Walton Girls' High School (they joined our group in June 2016) – had it done so, our position would be even higher.
In our education of over 7,000 students in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire, we are committed to the highest of standards and expectations of and for all of them.
We can do nothing better for all of our young people than to ensure they make the maximum possible educational progress while they are in our care. Clearly, we are doing so with so many – and we aspire to do even better in 2018. All those young lives positively affected and set on a path to a happy, successful adulthood.
Most importantly of all, we do this with our ethics intact. No ‘off-rolling’ of year 11 students. Way below average rates of fixed term exclusion. A commitment to zero permanent exclusions. No ‘fixing’ of progress scores with qualifications of spurious educational value.
Diverse in nature we are. Diverse in standards we are not!
Needless to say, I am so incredibly proud of everyone in our MAT family. We all play a crucial, integral part in such success. Long may it continue!
Debbie Clinton, Acting CEO